10 x 10 dungeon tiles with grey stone floor and dirt background

In one of those “why didn’t I do this earlier?” derp moments, will be updating the blog with a brief overview of patreon stuff. Of course, these posts won’t cover everything, the post on patreon mentions, that I want people to go sign up there of course.

Essentially, I have two member levels for Patreon right now:

  1. Free – Get the samples, freebies and stuff that everyone gets
  2. Paid – gets the full set of perks, discounts and tiles set, with more when I can do it.

The paid level has, at the moment, just one tier: $1 a month. There *may* come a point in the future when I add more tiers, but for now, that’s it.

For example, the aforementioned “simple dungeon tile” set. Free members get the [Printer Friendly Grided set] for free, which contains 39 tiles at the time of posting this, whereas paid members get the full 195 set:

1-Regular- Grid
2-Regular – No grid
3-Printer Friendly – Grid
4-Printer Friendly – No Grid
Set Name   versions x tiles in the set
1 – Square- 5 x 5= 25
2 – Rectangle – Open- 5 x 9= 45
3 – Corridor- 5 x 12= 60
4 – Room Parts volume 1- 5 x 13= 65
Total number of tiles in collection = 195
Free set= 39
Tiles are made in DungeonDraft using the core assets.

Tile Specs
10 x 10 grid
100 dpi
file format : PNG

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