To get both the Campaign Chunks and RIGS series synced up, the next volume, will be out next week. Something I am going to be trialing for the next volume is to have a general theme. This could be something as mysteries, or locations, or NPCs.  They will still be system and stat-free, to allow them to be used in as many games as possible. I was going to introduce a new line of NPCs in a way similar to the Chunks series, but still not 100% sure on if I will integrate it into the Chunks series or have it as its own line. At the moment, I am leaning towards making it a new line, so if you want NPCs you are not forced to get something you don’t want. Keep an eye out here for more news as it happens.

In other news, those who sign up as a Patreon will get access to outlines and previews that will not be shown on this blog or other sources until at least a month has gone by.  At the moment there are two pdfs for my on-off project Easthalen, which gives you a timeline and a copy of my ongoing notes. As time goes by new items will be added here for patreons to read, comment on and if wanted, to use in their games and stories. You can start being a Patreon from $1 a month, with higher tiers getting other benefits.

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