** IMPORTANT** This is a work-in-progress page. The old page format/listing is still available and can be accessed HERE, but won’t be publically shown. Old links etc *should* still work but the gens will not…i repeat, THE OLD GENS WILL NO LONGER WORK. This is due to a security flaw in the system I was using causing issue. This may be addressed/fixed at some point, which is why I am keepng the pages up for now

The generators are divided up into various types with some having further sub-sections, to make navigation easier and less cluttered. Like the PDFs, some might be featured in multiple categories – This is intentional…mostly…

New content will be added whenever possible. Some items may be moved on occasion but this will be avoided as much as possible.

Generators/Lists marked with an (H) are hosted and their content is from somewhere else and used with permission.

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