A selection of PDFs from Ennead Games products that can be found on Itch.io – More are being added on a regular basis, check back often.

The PDF are divided up into various types with some having further sub-sections, to make navigation easier and less cluttered. Some PDFs might be featured in multiple categories – This is intentional…mostly..

Clicking on the drop down menu above or the links below will take you to the appopriate page.


Assorted Slang & Terminology – For when you need the right sounding term to explain something.

Campaign – Gives you PDFs to help with making your campaign world and setting.

Corporate Generators – PDFs that give you details on things related to the corporate world.

Creature Descriptions – Used when you need to give a creature that little bit more detail or to fill in the blanks.

Dungeon Features – Descriptions and guides for statues, chest, doors, even the dungeon itself. All this and more!

Empire Builder – Covers the various aspects of civilisations, from their history, to fortfications and other things in the same vein.

Encounters & Events – A collection of themed ideas to give your party something to encounter or deal with on their travels.

Equipment Makers – Gives you tools to make descriptions of equipment and items more detailed or fill in something you may have missed or forgotten.

Helpful Lists – A series of tables covering a wide vareity of topics and genres, presented, as the name susggets, as a series of helpful lists.

Name Makers – Make up a name for various topics.

PDF based generators – Covers any other PDF based generators that dont fit into or justfy having their own category.

Quick Generators – Each quick generator has typical 2 x d100 for when you need a quick idea or concept.

Miscellaneous –  Covers any other PDF that that does not fall into the generator or other category.