With the next compiled volume of Campaign Chunks out next week, like last time, this is the best opportunity to showcase the next 10 that are planned for volume 9. As with anything, these are subject to change and alteration (such as the titles), but this is what should be coming over the next few weeks. See if you can figure out what they are going to be about before they are published.

1 – HMS Determination (Ship)
2 – Wrestling Academy (Sport)
3 – James Oak Dam (Location)
4 – Cook Book for Time Travelers (Joke Item)
5 – Valley of the Kings (Location)
6 – The Kings Vintage Wine (Item)
7 – Music in the Woods (Event)
8 – The Lost Monastery (Location)
9 – Huunt for a serial killer (event/person)
10 – Stock Car Racing (Sport)

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