Sadly I could not get the posting to WordPress system to work how I wanted, so have made a modification. If there are more then a couple of prompts saved, then the Wednesday post will be a compilation of them. The Order they are in below is the order they were first posted to my twitter page.  If there are less than 3 prompts, posted for a week, then I won’t post this recap.


  • A demonic being requires your help to stop a celestial creature from “falling” and upsetting the balance in the universe
  • You have what appears to be a normal d6, yet every 1,000 rolls it somehow displays a 7
  • A lone hacker has found out to reprogram someone’s DNA at a distance
  • A small can contains a potion you know is made by a master alchemist, but there is no label to tell you what it contains
  • You have just been killed by your nemesis – Fate shows reincarnation is real and sends you back in be born as your nemesis with all your knowledge intact


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