I briefly mentioned this yesterday about my plans for streaming now that the STA campaign has ended. There is no time frame for this, its a “it will happen when it will happen” kind of thing, mainly because I dont know how long various bits will take to do, so saying “oh yes it will start in 3 months” will probably not be accurate.


Current Status

  • Mondays – Currently Borderlands 3 – Once the core game and current DLC (Moxxi Heist + Love and Tentacles) is done, then will be returning to ESO. There is a LOT of content for that game and more coming out in a month or so.
  • Tuesdays – Star Trek Online – There are only a few more arc episodes left, but there are some mini-arcs, side missions, battlezones and so on I have not touched on at all. Once those are done, will be going back to the start and playing the arcs through again, but with a different ship and keeping the same crew – The RP is due to some trek time travel shenanigans the ship got blown and and the crew ended up in their past
  • Wednesdays – GW2 – Not Long now until i start Path of Fire – i think its only 3 more episodes of the living world season 3. Then after PoF it will be Living World Season 4 and 5. A third expansion has been announced as being “in the works” so I hope to get LW5 done by then. I did think about working towards getting a Legendary Weapon, but looking at how to get its a grind and a half. See Main Goals below to get an idea of my plan for that.
  • Thursdays – LoTRO – This is another MMO that has a ton of stuff to do and has a long replay value. The goals, listed below,
  • Fridays – Stardew Valley – This is a tricky one as it doesn’t really have a end-point. I think once we have unlocked all the community center stuff (maybe even the “hidden” one”) got all the buildings upgraded etc the farm fully decorated etc, THEN the playthrough will end. Once I feel that we cant really progress much further, then will move onto the Assassins Creed Saga


Main Goals (current and future)


  • Max out the crafting skills for Vahlen
  • Do the DLC/Expansions in the following order – includes the intro quests
    • Finish the second base campaign (may play a bit off stream to speed this up)
    • Finish the third base campaign (same as above, may play a bit off stream to keep
    • Craglorn
    • Imperial City – PVP mostly area so might skip this one
    • Orsinium
    • Thieves Guild – Get the legerdemain skills maxed before starting
    • Dark Brotherhood
    • Shadows of the Hirst
    • Morrowind
    • Horns of the reach
    • Clockwork City
    • Dragon Bones
    • Summerset
    • Wolf Hunter
    • Psijiic
    • Murkmire
    • Warthstone
    • Scalebreaker
    • Dragonhold
    • Greymoor


Borderlands 3

This is quite an easy one – simply playrhough the game, getting as many as the side-quessts as possible. When new DLC comes out, then the occasional swap over with another game , then back to whatever it temporary replaced.


Star Trek Online

As mentioned above will be repeating the arcs once done. The main goal for STO is now to get the starbase and holdings completed. Even if i decide to stop streaming STO, its a game I will keep on playing off-stream. Once the second runthrough is done, will probably be taking a break from streaming it for a little bit, so i dont get burnt out again.


Guild Wars 2

This is another “got soo much to do” game. The list below of GW2 goals is, apart from the storyline stuff, not in any particular order.

  • Complete Living World Season 3
  • Complete Path of Fire
  • Complete LW S4
  • Complete LW S5 (but as this is current will be ongoing until its done)
  • Get a rogue class and extra character slot
  • Get all my crafting across all characters to lvl 500 (this might be an off stream thing as it can be boring to watch)
  • Get all the base mounts unlocked
  • Try Fractals
  • Try World vs World
  • Unlock all mount types
  • Get the skyscale/dragon flying mount
  • Go on a achievement getting binge – I suspect this will be easier once the skyscale has been got due to its flying like abilities. This will be the “ongoing” one, as there are so many its silly. Will probably focus on one or two at a time, like getting the kittys for the home instance etc


Lord of the Rings Online

Although i played through before and got to Mordor, i missed out on so much that i was under leveled and found that it made the end-game unenjoyable.

  • Play the various events as they crop up, like the spring event (where i got me a goose and an irl freind of mine got a hedgehog!)
  • Max out crafting across all the major professions – This is another off-stream goal, as it would involving swapping between multiple characters, many of them under leveled – This will help in the long term and if i get recipes or items for a certain profression or class i can use them as “mules”
  • DO ALL THE QUESTS – Well as many as possible…sod those hobbit posting/pie quests…..
  • Get as many deeds  done as possible – Some will be almost impossible for me to complete, like the raids and so on, but If i can do it, the goal is to have at least one character (my current main, Dehjay the minstrel hobbit) with a big chunk of them done
  • Get a 1st age legendary weapon and item and have it maxed out for Dehjay – Not got to the point in the game where i need to do this yet, but legendary weapons are game changers, espically once you infuse/bond with them


Stardew Valley

As mentioned above, this is a tricky one as although there is a sort of point where you could end the game, it carries on afterwards. The goals are simple in theory, but not quick.

  • Get married to Leah (should be happening next stream or the one after with any luck)
  • Get the orchard fully kitted out – or at least the basics done
  • Get all the buildings, including the greenhouse and main house maxed
  • Get the community center stuff done – Screw you Joja Mart! (Although I admit the idea of a Joja Mart playthrough sounds interesting, but i dont think I could bring myself to do it)


Assassins Creed Saga

This is a big one.  There are currently, in my various accounts , 11 Assassins Creed games. Not all have the DLC/add-ons. I intend to play them in the following order

  1. AC 1
  2. AC 2 : Deluxe
  3. AC : Brotherhood
  4. AC : Revelations
  5. AC 3 : Remastered
  6. AC 4 : Black Flag
  7. AC : Rogue
  8. AC 5 : Unity
  9. AC 6 : Syndicate
  10. AC : Origins
  11. AC : Odyssey

There will be certain, well, rules, I am setting myself for this saga.

  1. Will not be going for 100% completion, just finishing the main story
  2. I don’t have to get the DLC, but if i see them on sale for cheap or they are gifted etc, then will do them – Will not be going out my way to do so
  3. If i get stuck/frustrated and cant get past a certain bit, which is very possible, then will move on as much as possible. If i repeatedly get stuck or its on a bit that halts story-progress, then will move onto the next in the list.  This is both my stress levels and to stop getting bogged down trying to get past a bit i wont be able to do. With 11 games in the saga (and its not all of them I know), i have to be flexible with things 🙂


Other Games

Thanks to humble bundle and some generous people i have a silly amount of games to work through. Too many to list but ones that stand out that I want to play – some are suitable for one streams others for a more extended play

  • Plane Mechanic Simulator
  • Divinity Original Sin II
  • Pathfinder: King Maker
  • Tales from the Borderlands
  • Cardlife
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic I and II (if i can get them working on stream)
  • Shadow of War – It seems the last time i tried i just got unlucky with a certain procedural generated bit and it made my game experience much harder
  • Various LEGO games – i will have to try one of these out before a stream as iirc they work much better with controllers and the small amount of arthritus in my hands makes it harder to use controllers for extended periods of time
  • Various tell-tale games , like batman, wold amng us, back to the future us etc
  • The bio-shock saga, including infinite
  • Some simulator games like cities skyline, planet coaster, Pharoah, Tropico etc
  • Goat Simulator – cos goats
  • A ton of Star wars games for one shots etc – The main issue is , that like KOTOR, some of the older games do not mesh well with streaming set-ups. It CAN be done, but will either work perfectly or be at home to a lot of glitches/bugs etc
  • Warhammer 40k Games – such as dawn of war 1 and 2 etc
  • X-com 2 – Will probably have a thing where viewers can name a character for channel points etc


Thats it for now. Will probably do another of these mega updates after about a month or so, alongside the weekly one.


Take car y’all, keep ya distances and WASH YA HANDS !


Twitch – Main https://www.twitch.tv/mobiustempus





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