Chaos magic effects , sometimes called Wild Magic is when a spell or item produces a random effect that is often not what the caster intended. They can be amusing, helpful or dangerous. Here are 20 such effects.

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1 , A nearby major religion names the caster as a heretic their their religion even if the caster is a follower
2 , A random body part of the casters swaps with the targets. If not an organic target then two of the casters body parts swap over
3 , A random non-magical non-held object within 50 feet turns into snow
4 , A small black portal opens a long thin skeletal arms reaches out grabs a small object at random then takes it back into the portal which closes
5 , Ability/spell doesn’t hit target but a random NPC known to the caster
6 , Any cow within 5 miles gains the ability to speak and understand the common tongue
7 , Any hostile enchantment on a ally are permanently dispelled
8 , Any open water within sight of the caster catches fire
9 , Caster eyes glow bright red whenever they cause damage in combat
10 , Caster head turns transparent
11 , Next book the caster opens they find a small gem within worth 1000 gold
12 , Next ogre encountered mistakes caster for a small fluffy kitten
13 , Next spell cast within 100 feet also causes a fear effect in those who witness it being cast
14 , Next time the caster is about to be hit the one doing the hitting is teleported 1d10 miles away safely
15 , Next trap encountered will not activate
16 , Roll again apply effect to caster and target
17 , Roll again effect is delayed for 24 hours but the caster is given warning by a talking raven
18 , Small dragon scales appear on the casters back. They itch a lot
19 , Target is sent to Astral plane for 1d10 hours
20 , The next item the caster makes works perfectly but costs 5 times as much to make Duration :until next item is made



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