Disneyland Fantasmic Fire Breathing Dragon Murphy

One signature thing people remember about dragons is their breath weapon, with the classic image of super-hot flames. Below are 20 breath weapons (or effects) that can be used to catch people off guard. These can also be used for other creatures with a breath weapon/attack.

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Breath Weapons

1 , Blackhole
2 , Blinding Radiant Light
3 , Chono breath (time freeze, slow down etc.)
4 , Clinging Shadows
5 , Contact Poison
6 , Crystal Shards
7 , Gravity Beam
8 , Illusion effect to all caught within
9 , Liquid Nitrogen
10 , Magic Distortion
11 , Multi-coloured
12 , Petrification
13 , Plagues and Diseases
14 , Psionic Waves
15 , Pure invisible/transparent heat
16 , Quicksand
17 , Rusting effect
18 , Sonic/Sound Waves
19 , Terror/Fear
20 , Wild/Chaotic Magic


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