A new generator been added today – Mercenary Troops. Also an older gen, Military Squads, has been updated. Some sample output from both gens can be found below.

Mercenary Troop Generator
Troop Features The mercenary troop’s colors are… Brown / beaver.
The mercenary troop’s banner features… A flame.
The mercenaries’ commander is… A disgraced knight.
The mercenary troop’s attitude toward their commander is… Disappointed and rude.
The mercenary troop is currently… Gainfully employed in war.
The mercenary troop specializes in… Patrolling.
The mercenary troop is notorious for… Burning villages and fields.
Indivduals The sellsword is armored in… Plate armor.
The sellsword’s armor is… Shiny and new.
The sellsword is wielding… Two shortswords.
The sellsword fights with… Making a direct assault.
The sellsword fights for… A chance to deal out sadistic torment.
The sellsword is… A veteran of gladiatorial combat.
On the sellsword’s face is… A garish earring.
The sellsword carries… A blade with a gently curved hilt.


Military Squad Generator
Nickname The Suicidal Champions
Common Info The company’s colors are… Yellow.
The company’s banner features… An axe.
The company’s commander is… A disgraced knight.
The company’s attitude toward their
commander is…
Terrified and tight-lipped.
The company specializes in… Flanking maneuvers.
The company is notorious for… Drinking too much ale and wine.
Most soldiers in the company are
outfitted with…
Patched leather armor.
Most soldiers in the company are
equipped with…
Pikes and shortswords.
Most soldiers in the company are… Trained men-at-arms.
Indivduals The soldier is… The son of a miner or fisherman.
The soldier fights for… Pure bloodlust.
On the soldier’s face is… An eager grin.
The soldier carries… A blade made of blackened steel.






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