Time for another news/update on things!

Today will be going over :

  1. Streaming changes
  2. Discord news
  3. Other stuff


1 – Streaming changes

Sadly, last week, I got an email from twitch saying that they are shutting down the watch party feature due to it not being utilised as much , negelting the fact that they didnt update it at all since day one…

What this means is what I stream on Fridays is now changing.

There are two games that have big expansions coming out around the start of summer. Plus there are a few titles i’ve been itching to continue playing, so, provisionally this is the schedule I have planned:

  • Tuesday – Elder Scrolls Online
  • Wednesday – Guild Wars 2
  • Thursday – No Mans Sky
  • Friday – Final Fantasy 14

These will be the default for these days, but sometimes, if for example ESO is down for maintaiance or its  patch day for FF14 or i’m at a bit in the game that I REALLY want to continue may change, but will be one of these four.

These are all games that can done a bit at a time, then when the expansions come out i might change to 2 days ESO + FF14 or some variation thereof.


The downside is progress in these games will be a LOT slower, but as for each of them i’m at a “weaiting for the next bit of game or have a character ive already done them on” its not a big deal – When the expanions come out I can focus more on those and so on, but like i said above, these games will be the default.

A second set of, not so much downsides is that its going to take time to sort out the PC , set up OBS, make sure everythings done the way i want etc, the screen and game is set up as i want and need. Not complicated, just time consuming, but once done I shouldnt (cross fingers) have to change much, if anything!


By have a portfolio of games I can play on any day, baring tech issues my end, I can work on any one if the others are down or unavalable. MMOs have always been my favourite type of RPG and the above four are definalty my favourites. The felixibity is the main thing, I have options for each day, with the default listed above being what will be most tpicall (FF14 on fridays and so on)

I’m aiming to have this done and set up for the first week of April, second at the latest.  Downloading  & setting up will be the most time consuming part.


2 – Discord News

I do have a discord and working on setting it up as a hub like area for both my rpg related thing and streaming/gaming. I didnt relaise the “streamer is now live” alerts were NOT going to the discord, but that was on me for not checking that. This is a another of those projects I’m having to tap away at a bit at a time, but, again baring tech issues, once done thats it!

Alerts about blog posts, streaming going live and so forth will also be announced here, plus be a place for like minded folks to hang out, chat nonsense, share silly cat pictures etc.

Discord invite link (this link may expire – if it does please let me know and i’ll put a new one out there)


3 – Other News

Now my  phsyical health is on the mend (i’m still dealing with the aftermath of literal decades of issues from migraines/headaches that have only been sorted/fixed (hopefully) in the last few months)  , whilst it not perfect and like my mental health/energy fluctuates, I can make progress on others projects.  This is the issues with being a one man and cat operation, I can do stuff but it takes time, espially with the two jobs (publisher/writing and streamer) – this is something i think a lot of people don’t know or forget , there is litteraly just me handingling EVERYTHING in regards to Ennead Games and my streaming!

April will be what i’m calling a “Quick Gen” month for PDFs as, like with the starbase PDF, it gives me time to work on other larger projects or ongoing ones, like adding to the online catalgoue, the generators and so on, one of which is my second print on demand book!


Usueal caveat – plans may change if issue crop up (mental, phsyical or something else) but with any luck should be making progress with things!


May the dice roll ever in your favour!







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