This week I happy to say I have added not one, but two new guest generators to the collection. This week you get Assassins Guild and Outlaw bands. Click on the headers to be taken straight to the generators. Some example output is shown below as well and should be self-explanatory

Assassins Guild

Sample output

Assassins Guild Details
The guild’s symbol is… A crow.
The guild’s preferred method of
execution is…
Feeding to animals.
Guildmembers typically arm
themselves with…
Shortswords and crossbows.
Guildmembers typically operate… By impersonating a specific individual.
Guildmembers typically know… Very few other guildmembers.
The guild’s leader is… A femme fatale.
The guild’s goals include… Intimidating the masses.
The guild refuses to take contracts
to kill…
Members of the client’s family.
Guildmembers typically strike
No thought of escape.
Guildmembers typically plan their
attacks for…
Just after sunrise.
The guild’s headquarters is hidden
in or near…
The residence of the leader or a senior guildmember.
The guild is feared or respected
Other assassins.
Distinguishing feature for an
individual: The assassin has…
A gold signet ring.
Distinguishing weapon for an
individual: The assassin carries…
A blade made of blackened steel.

Outlaw Band

Sample Output

Outlaw Band
Common Infomation The outlaw band’s primary
“business” involves…
Poaching from the sovereign’s preserve or a prominent noble’s lands.
The outlaw band’s colors are… Brown / beaver.
The outlaw band’s symbol is… A star.
The outlaw band’s leader is… A talented thief.
The outlaw band’s members are
Out-of-work artisans.
The outlaw band’s goals include… A wealthy and peaceful retirement.
Members of the outlaw band
typically arm themselves with…
Sticks and stones.
The outlaw band’s headquarters is
hidden in or near…
A tavern.
The outlaw band is feared or
respected by…
Ambassadors and tax collectors.
Distinguishing feature for an
individual: The gangmember has…
A mask on the face.
Poachers The poachers’ favorite prey
Waterfowl (ducks, geese, herons,puffins, snipes, swans).
The poachers’ hunt… To feed the impoverished peasants.
Robbers The robbers typically strike with… Ambush tactics.
The robbers are notorious for… Romantic escapades.
Smugglers The smuggling ring’s primary
modus operandi involves…
A network of safehouses.
The ring is supported by… A prominent merchant.

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