As someone who, many moons ago, did a stint in the corporate/office world this one it a little close to home. The corporate/office world is full of terms that sound like, and often are, BS to those on the outside – They ultimately mean very little when explained and can be boiled down to simple terms, yet there is a certain type, often managers, that seem to love these types of phrases.

As with any other generator, clicking on the sample header below will take you to the generator page directly. As with any random generator, some results will make more sense and be more usuable than others.

Corporate Babble
#1 You must dramatically develop multimedia based salary
#2 We insist that you should perfectly reintermediate virtual increase
#3 Going forward, we must happily whiteboard loyal convergence
#4 I think we should solemnly create distinctive limit
#5 Our goal is to sometimes plagiarize worldwide intellectual capital
#6 You must occasionally create competent growth
#7 Our mission statement is to seamlessly restore interactive materials
#8 Our mission statement is to boldy exploit adaptive facilities
#9 We should authoritatively communicate integrated goods
#10 Our mission statement is to assertively productivate standardized infrastructures

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