As part of my “trying to post more often” drive, it occurred to me that some of newer fans and followers may not know about my older generators. So I am working to correct this by highlighting (aiming for one a week) a different generator that have made and for which there is a free online version here.

Speaking of generators, now that the Generators and Tools page is active, the older one, simply titled Generators, will be removed from the menus system. The page will still be active, so that older link and URLS will still work, but I won’t be promoting that page anymore.

The first generator in the Highlight series is one of the biggest I have done and gives you a lot of background and details about a character in a typical fantasy genre game or story. It has links to other related subpages if you want just, for example, details on their parents.

Sample output can be found below – Click on the header to be taken to the generator page itself.

Background & Details
Quick Age Teen/Young Adult
Gender Male
Species Half-Elf
Profession Playwright
Personality Pleasant
Family Parents Mother Alive and well
Father Terminal, close to death
Marital Status Still together, married
Relationship with character Parents are smothering/overcompensating
Siblings Siblings Part of a twin birth
Personal Relationship Personal Relationship Married
Children Children 2 children (Female-Is adopted/fostered/etc., Female-Typical parent/child relationship)
Friends/Enemies Friends/Enemies Favour to collect – Minor with a Female Other/Rare/Exotic Gem cutter who is Sanctimonious
Physical Details Size/Weight in relation to typical Height Average/typical
Weight 4 + 20 % above
Looks Looks/apparent age Slightly older
Background Hometown Hometown name Inner Greyette
Distance to Hometown 7 x 10 miles
Time spent there Just moved there this week
Size of hometown Medium City
Primary aspect/nature of hometown Other Aspect
Residence type there Slum
Income Primary Income source Mining/Resources
Secondary Income source Mining/Resources
Languages Language Home/Native, Common and Elemental Ancient dialect – Quite a few words wrong
Literacy Literacy level (general) Illiterate
Habits Drinking Something Else
Eating Throws leftovers on floor
Sleeping Sleeps on their right
Personal Details Body Type Type Underweight
Clothing Style Labour – Clean
Accessory Watch/Pocket Watch
Demeanour/Behaviour Demeanour/Behaviour Emotive
Education Highest Level/Equivalent Mentor
Face/Head Ears – Description Pierced
Eyes – Colour Hazel
Eyes – Condition (Left/Right) Fine/Fine
Eyes – Description Widened
Eyebrow Colour Same as main hair
Eyebrow Condition Arched
Facial Structure Square
Lips Warm
Nose Short
Teeth condition Small
Hair Colour Dirty Blond
Condition Standard
Style Buzz Cut/very short
Quirk & Secret Quirk Farts with gusto
Secret Once fled a battle
Skin Details Skin Colour Olive
Skin Condition Raised
Tattoos (assuming character has one) Location Foot/ankle – Right
Colour Quarter coloured, rest black
Quality Fading/Old
Reason Punishment
Type Object – book




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