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Every week on the Ennead Games blog, normally on a Friday, a helpful list of 20 items is added. These normally follow no set pattern unless there has been a request for a particular list. Some are from existing Ennead Games products, other are just based on a randomly picked subject.

The subjects range from names from faraway lands, to what you might call your coins, to weapon name and more. They are not large enough to publish on their own, so they have been put together into a handy collection, a mixture of Fantasy, Sci-Fi and other genres.

If you have others in the helpful list series, then there may be some overlap with those publications, but not much.

As well as a d20 table, many of them have some questions and prompts to help fuel and stoke your imagination and start your own ideas:

This collection has within the following d20 tables:

Angelic Style Names: Names for angelic like beings
Bandit Names: Some ideas for both female and male bandits
Book Titles: What is that book on the shelf called?
B-Movie Titles: All bad movies need a name
Container Type: What style of container is that?
Currency Name: What currency is that coin?
Disease/Infection Name: You have been infected by something, but what is it called?
Demonic Being Use Name: Knowing this can give you control over the summoned being.
Dwarven Insult: Use these with caution!
Dungeon Room/Location: Names for the dungeon or rooms
Hide/Pelts/Skins: Just what species is that hide on the floor from?
Large Weapon: Need to decide what large weapon to bring to the battle?
NPC Concept – Fantasy: A quick concept for a NPC
Planet Names: Need a name for a new planet you have found?
Post-Apocalyptic Locations: Where in the wasteland should you explore next?
Ship Name: A might ship needs a grand name.
Spell Name: The wizard is casting a new spell, what is it?
Starship Weapons: What do you have to attack another starship with?
Steampunk Inventions: What device has your steampunk inventor made today?
Tavern Name: Where to drink and spend all this coin?

Available at Drivethru now (product link) and and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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