dark green book like leather cover with text "called away" in a noticeable yellow colouration

“Called Away” is one of those PDF’s I originally made for myself. We’ve all had and been there where for whatever legit reason we’ve had to skip a game. As an occasional GM, I like to have an “in game” reason why a character is not present or not as active in the RP – Such as they might be off talking to the guild master or in one memorable STA game, stuck in a turbo lift due to an ensign making a mistake! this led to two versions, this one for the fantasy genre, and the sci-fi version for, well, sci-fi!

Original Date of publication: 02/02/2015

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Called Away

What happens your characters need to leave?

There are many times in games & stories when a player or character can’t make it to a session or you need to have a certain character not present at the same location as others for a short time. Where did they go? What are they doing when not in play?

This is where “Called Away” can help you to fill in the blanks and give a brief overview of where the character or even an npc has been. The actual details are left up to you, but they can be a good source of future adventures.

The main table has 100 entries suitable for a fantasy or medieval setting with several sub tables helping to flesh out and give further options and ideas.

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