Close up of a stalk of wheat, with a field of more wheat blurry in the background

Quick Generator – Crop Concepts

Concepts and ideas for crops and harvestables

Crops are cultivated plants, grown often on a large scale and harvested to provide food for sapient beings or fodder for animals.

Their names can be reflective of where they come from, what they look like, or even the final product after processing.

They come in many varieties, from the humble wheat and corn , to crops that generally only grow in more tropical locations like the coffee bean.

This quick generator, gives you two d100 tables that, when the results are combined, give you 10,000 concepts, quick descriptions and ideas for crops, suitable for any genre and may resemble ones that already exist!

Example outputs include:

  • Abyss Berry
  • Blood Lentil
  • Cinder Cabbage
  • Mountain Radish
  • Swamp Soybean


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