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Alignment is regarded by some as a moral compass – it directs your beliefs and actions along an often fairly narrow, axis, good vs evil being one such axis, with lawfulness vs chaotic being another. Some others think it is a broad way of looking at a character’s personality.

The results gained may at first glance seem odd, even contradictory, but they can represent “both sides of the same coin”. People are complex organisms and few of them should be just one aspect , such as their outlook or personality, made manifest.

  1. Absolute Irreprehensible
  2. Aloof Exalted
  3. Chaotic Villainous
  4. Evenhanded Helpful
  5. Forthright Obscene
  6. Honest Assisting
  7. Inactive Pleasant
  8. Inert Right
  9. Nonchalant Reputable
  10. Openly Delightful
  11. Pure Guiltless
  12. Rampageous Incorrupt
  13. Realistic Iniquitous
  14. Relaxed Untainted
  15. Right-Minded Friendly
  16. Riotous Dutiful
  17. Scrupulous Immoral
  18. Straightforward Vicious
  19. Trustworthy Neutral
  20. Virtuous Repugnant


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