A close up of a rolling desesrt or sand dune, a dark yellow-brown with smoothe sand

Terrain Feature Volume #3 – Deserts

Explore the majestic and dry wilderness

Deserts, not to be confused with desserts, are often depicted as windswept rolling dunes of sand, empty of life and deadly to anyone who tries to traverse them.

Whilst this is true for many of them, they are often full of life, with hardy flora, numerous forms of fauna, and landscapes that can leave you breathless with their sheer beauty.

This PDF gives you a series of tables that can help flesh out and give some life to your descriptions of deserts, telling you who (or what) you may encounter, what is the nature of the desert, what type of life calls this place home and more!

Features aspect tables that cover…

  • Encounters
  • Fauna
  • Features & Landmarks
  • Flora
  • Hazards & Obstacles
  • Rainfall
  • Size
  • Terrain Descriptor
  • Type & Location
  • Name/Concept


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