A magic surge is when arcane power goes wild and acts in ways the caster never intended it to. They can be good or bad (from the casters point of view), but they all share the same rule that they are unpredictable

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1 , All vegetation within 1 mile turns invisible
2 , Any water within 50 feet turns into acid
3 , Caster finds nothing amusing and can’t laugh or even smile for 1d4 weeks
4 , Caster gains services of an elemental until next sunrise
5 , Caster grows a tails like a fox
6 , Caster is accused of a crime in their hometown
7 , Caster is pinned to the ground by chains of gold. This chains remain and are valuable.
8 , Caster turns into a dog for the duration
9 , Casters lower half turns invisible
10 , Nearest castle becomes sentient
11 , Nearest druid begins preaching the merits of strip-mining and deforestation
12 , Nearest government official is found to be a demigod
13 , Nearest plate armour appears on the floor(if worn) or on the caster (if not)
14 , Nearest stone wall turns into flesh
15 , Nearest water source (river/well etc.) freezes
16 , Next creature the caster kills-the corpse dissolves into a foul mush
17 , Next door opened leads to Astral Plane. Closing the door returns door to normal
18 , Next troll encountered cannot regenerate
19 , The next metal item the caster touches fuses into their skin for the duration
20 , The sky for 10 miles turns emerald green until next sunrise



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