For those who don’t know, I do run a small regular stream on Twitch. I stream most days covering, well, essentially games I like playing. I try not to be a “the latest fad” gamer unless its one of those games I have been really wanting to play and managed to get a copy. I also run a bi-weekly game of “Star Trek Adventures” from Modiphious, which is heavily home ruled – but that’s not a fault with the game, just for my benefit.

Anyway onto the point of this post. Next month a group you may have heard of called The Yogcast are running their annual Jingle Jam – A month-long charity drive partnered with Humble Bundle in which they offer up a collection of games and so on for various charities. Last year alone, they managed to raise $5.2 million dollars!

So, for December I want to try and “do my bit” to help out.

The charity bundle they do has various games/items released each day. When the JJ goes live I’ll be putting n my donation ASAP to get the bundle. Then each weekday there is a new game, I’ll be playing the game on stream with regular links to the charity page on humble.

I have to point out that in no-way am I associated with The Yogscast or Humble Bundle – This is something I am doing off my own back to help things out. If even one person donates what they can to the cause because it, it’ll be worth it imo.


Now onto the second point of my post – a readjustment of my streaming schedule. As much as I would like to stream EVERY day, with STA and my now regular D&D game on alternating weekends, I need a day to mentally recharge. As Sundays were, compared to the rest of the week, fairly quiet, I won’t be streaming on Sundays for the foreseeable future. This may change at some point in the future and they could always be a random stream on those days, but don’t expect it.

The rest of the week will stay the same – Will still be streaming STA on every other weekend, internet and IRL considerations allowing as per normal.


Lastly, in case i don’t get a chance to say it to you personally, thanks for all the support over this year, and may the dice roll ever in your favour!

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