Yup a new generator has gone live and this is the first of two in a mini-series about crimes and punishments. This week it is themed towards a fantasy/medieval genre, next week will be scifi/modern. Clicking on the header in the sample below will take you to the generator page.

Crime & Punishment
# Crime Punishment Duration
#1 Violent Crimes Excessive or High Heat 4d20 Weeks
#2 Labour Racketeering Garrotted 4d10 Days
#3 Terrorism Devoured by animals 1 Day/Overnight
#4 Smuggling Excessive or High Heat 2d4 Weeks
#5 Abuse Fine – Fixed & Minor 1 Year
#6 Contract Killing Fine – % of Wealth 2d10 Months
#7 Sexual Assault Restitution to victim/estate 1 Month
#8 Kidnapping Dehydration 1 Day/Overnight
#9 Vandalism Prohibition 3d4 Years
#10 Public Nudity Banished/Exiled 3d4 Years

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