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This week’s d20 list is a simple list of names/concepts for crops!

  1. Abyss Sugar beet
  2. Angel Avocados
  3. Arctic Cantaloupe
  4. Blister Brussels sprouts
  5. Devil Cloves
  6. Eastern Dill
  7. Emerald Basil
  8. Heavenly Garlic
  9. Ice Grape
  10. Ivory Sage
  11. Lake Rye
  12. Mage Pear
  13. Ruby Almond
  14. Sanguine Plums
  15. Shimmer Apple
  16. Southern Peanut
  17. Stinky Bell pepper
  18. Summer Peppermint
  19. Thorn Wheat
  20. White Sesame seed

Do you disagree with this list? Do you think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this article.

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