I’m trialling making interactive/HTML add-ons available for various PDFs – The original PDF is not needed for these items, but, it will probably help explain the output, especially with the more complicated publications. Just download the file, open it in a browser and click on the dice to generate the output!

I’ll will also be adding a “combo” listing which has both files together – not as a bundle like I often do, but, will be priced as one – This way I have the option to bundle [combos] together in the future, or just the Interactive/HTML gens etc. Like the HTML gens, they will have a suffix like [combo].

This means there will be, essentially, 3 listing types:

  • PDF – no suffix/default title
  • HTML – [HTML gen] suffix
  • PDF + HTML Gen [Combo]

These will also be in separate categories as well for easier searching

Prices/costs will be proportional to the original PDF and be released on an “as and when I can do it” schedule – They will come under “Extra Item” (like this) in the emails.

They won’t be getting a first-week discount like other stuff.

The first one is below – available on DTRPG and Itch!

Quick Generator – Artefact Name [HTML Gen]
An interactive HTML version of “Quick Gen – Artefact Names”–Artefact-Name-HTML-Gen

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