This week’s highlight is a different one – I’ve been working on converting some of my PDFs into interactive HTML versions to go alongside the PDFs. I’ll still keep bringing out PDFs and putting some gens out for free use – But this gives you a chance to have your own bare-bones version for yourself – See this post for more details.

[News] Another new thing or two? HTML Gens and Combos

Original Date of publication: 01/07/2019

Drivethru metal rating: Copper (top 19489 products (13.08%))


Quick Generator – Artefact Name

Artefacts are often considered items of great power, forged when the world was new by deities or mortals with access to power or knowledge that has been lost to time. Their creator may have given them a name or they have acquired one over the years, one that often reflects their powers, purpose or a secret.

The artefact generator presented here gives you a two-word name for your artefact, such as “Dreambreak” or “Titanscorch”. What their powers and abilities are is up to you.

Sample output (from a possible 10,000 combinations)

  • Dawnsnarl
  • Elf-shatter
  • World-Breaker
  • Wintertrap
Available now at…
DrivethruRPG [HTML Interactive Gen Version]



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