The Old World - an old style map of the world probably hundreds of years old

With the tools and gens now being hosted on itch, it will save me hosting/bandwidth costs and so on. If there are issues I can, hopefully, download them itch and self-host, but, this way if I change a file there, it will save and change the gen/tool on my site automatically (maybe have to clear cache etc but should be quick regardless).

Without further ad-do here’s the first tool – The World Building prompts/questions! These are the prompts I’ve been building up for this series – It currently has the entire set of questions loaded into it right now and I’ll be adding to it as and when I can, hopefully the same day I add new questions/prompts to the site.

It’s free to use for everyone, but I’m not going to discourage tips or donations if you find it useful hehe!

The collection can be found here

But, at the moment it only has the “World-Building Prompts” – Each tool will have [Online Tool] in that format somewhere, probably at the start, same as with the [HTML] and [Combo] listings.

This is quite an exciting time for me as this has been working for a long time and the start of it/end of the needed start phase is FINALLY here.  I’ll still be bringing out PDFs/books etc, but this has opened up a whole new area for me – but, as with anythnig else, this is all dependent on my health, both physical and mental – plus i have  a MASSIVE backlog of PDFS to convert , but it will happen, just take time.

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