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Cocktails are, for some people, a fun and interesting way to take existing drinks and give them a new spin, such as adding in another type of drink, or a bit of fruit and more. The d20 list below gives you 20 such examples of names of cocktails – Some of these names may resemble or be real ones already!

Roll a d20 and see what’s on the menu!

  1. Abrasive Blend
  2. Carame Stunner
  3. Cider Falchion
  4. Cloudy Queen
  5. Cosmic Punch
  6. Cynical Four
  7. Final Williamine
  8. Foggy Beer
  9. Lavish Walnut
  10. Mountain Sherry
  11. Mystic Light
  12. Naughty Joker
  13. Numb Wink
  14. Oregano Arrow
  15. Rotten Coffee
  16. Salacious Night
  17. Salty Squeeze
  18. Spiced Metaxa
  19. Testy Drink
  20. Whiskey Poire Williams

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