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This week’s d20 list comes from “Quick Generator Creature Concepts 5 – Aquatic” and uses real-world creature names to generate new ones, focused on aquatic and aquatic adjacent, such as amphibions, with of course the possibility that they may already exist!

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  1. Abyssal Hake
  2. Angel Goby
  3. Black Jellyfish
  4. Box Dolphin
  5. Cape Fangtooth
  6. Demon Blenny
  7. Devil Krill
  8. Ebony Caecilian
  9. Eccentric Sturgeon
  10. Great Frogfish
  11. Imperator Seahorse
  12. King Nautilus
  13. Lake Dory
  14. Luminescent Hydromedusa
  15. Mimic Moray
  16. Rainbow Herring
  17. Ribbon Abalone
  18. Round Isopod
  19. Vampire Squid
  20. White Frog


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