This week, I continue to expand the Backgrounds and Details generator with a new section called “Freinds & Enemies”. It gives you ten possible NPcs and their relationship with the character(s). The main generator has only one (to save on space), but the FAE generator page has 10 possible outcomes to choose from.

Friends & Enemies
# Relationship with character Gender Race/Species Profession Personality
#1 Recently met Female Human General Loud
#2 Major dislike Female Kobold Wizard Fresh
#3 Recently met Female Fairy/Fae Guide Punctual
#4 Favour Owed – Minor Male Giant Teacher Joyful
#5 Favour to collect – Major Female Human Seer Zany
#6 Been in battle/combat with Male Human Weapon smith Discouraged
#7 Recently met Female Gnome Barbarian Innocent
#8 Personal Contact Female Dwarf Forester Unkind
#9 Recently met Female Half-Elf Sage Open-Minded
#10 Favour Owed – Minor Female Half-Elf Captain Available


Background & Details
Quick Age Adult
Gender Female
Species Half-Elf
Profession Guard
Personality Loud
Family Parents Mother Alive and well
Father Alive and well
Marital Status Separated, both single
Relationship with character In regular contact
Siblings Siblings 3 (3 older Male,Male,Male)
Personal Relationship Personal Relationship No spouse/relationship
Children Children 4 children (Male-In regular contact, Female-, Female-, Male-Typical parent/child relationship)
Friends/Enemies Friends/Enemies Recently met with a Female Half-Elf Carpenter who is Defective


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