As there is no new generator this week (see here for details) I’m highlighting an older one. At the moment it’s the largest one on the site – Background and Details, a sample output can be found below.

Background & Details
Quick Age Mature
Gender Male
Species Human
Profession Butcher
Personality Clever
Family Parents Mother Terminal, close to death
Father Dead
Marital Status Still together, married
Relationship with character Not on speaking terms
Siblings Siblings No siblings
Personal Relationship Personal Relationship In a relationship
Children Children No children
Friends/Enemies Friends/Enemies Practically family with a Male Elf Glassblower who is Accomplished
Physical Details Size/Weight in relation to typical Height Average/typical
Weight 5 % above
Looks Looks/apparent age Average/Same
Background Hometown Hometown name Inner Fallpur
Distance to Hometown 3 x 100 miles
Time spent there Moved in last 5 months
Size of hometown Medium City
Primary aspect/nature of hometown Residential
Residence type there Small
Income Primary Income source Class/profession related
Secondary Income source Livestock/animals
Languages Language Home/Native and common tounge only
Literacy Literacy level (general) Mostly wrong
Habits Drinking Uses hands whenever possible
Eating Throws leftovers on floor
Sleeping Sleeps on their right
Personal Details Body Type Type Limp
Clothing Style Modern(for the period)
Accessory Umbrella
Demeanour/Behaviour Demeanour/Behaviour Common
Education Highest Level/Equivalent Home Schooled
Face/Head Ears – Description Pierced
Eyes – Colour Blue
Eyes – Condition (Left/Right) Fine/Fine
Eyes – Description Blank
Eyebrow Colour Same as main hair
Eyebrow Condition Curving
Facial Structure Triangle
Lips Ritzy
Nose Wide
Teeth condition Filled/Altered
Hair Colour Flaxen
Condition Falling-out
Style Flattop
Quirk & Secret Quirk Loses things all the time
Secret Survivor of a famous massacre/battle
Skin Details Skin Colour Alabaster
Skin Condition Made-up
Tattoos (assuming character has one) Location Upper Arm – Left
Colour Full coloured
Quality Upside down
Reason Owed a favour to the artist
Type Lock and/or key

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