This weeks generator is now live and covers the artificial creatures known as Golems. Sample output can be found below along with a link to the generator page.

Golem Details
Command Method At a certain time of the year
Language High Elf (ancient dialect)
Creator Species/Race Orc
Class Priest or Cleric
Description/Form Form/shape Humanoid – Generic
Size/type Stock
Decoration & Details Condition Old but well maintained
Decoration Other clothing but the decoration is functional/removable/changeable
Defense/Attack Plead for mercy – genuine
Eyes Yellow
Mouth Not noticeable until it speaks
Power Large gemstone at its heart
Intelligence Rating Intelligence Rating 18%
Material Primary Material Other Metal
Movement Movement Type Walking
Speed Very Slow
Voice/Communication Voice/Communication method Artificial voice
Purpose/Task Primary Purpose Playing
Quirks & Features Quirks & Features Increases in strength and power on holy ground

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