Todays list gives you 20 names with a Celtric/Welsh orgin. The list contains a mixture of name, with the first ten being feminine and the next ten masculine.

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[tablelist caption=”” width=”500″ colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”left|left”]

1,Addfwyn Cecil
2,Fanw Balch
3,Gwanwyn Roberts
4,Gweneth Rees
5,Gwyneth Caddell
6,Heledd Prichett
7,Llian Corfield
8,Morwenna Arthur
9,Myfi Rice
10,Rhona Stackpoole
11,Arwel Treharne
12,Arwyn Fithen
13,BeliMawr Griffin
14,Bevan David
15,Bleddyn Tanner
16,Caradoc Pendry
17,Caron Powe
18,Crwys Vaughn
19,Cynbel Llewellyn
20,Newyddilyn Harvard


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