With “Gnome Name Maker” out this week, it seems fitting to bring the week to a close with a list of 20 Gnome names. The first 10 have a female feel to them and the next 10 have a masculine aspect. Want more? well there’s a handy generator linked at the end as well, free to use!

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D20,Gnome Name
1 , Aid Bloodrachet
2 , Chika Cobblebite
3 , Desh Faraxis
4 , Etna Zodwink
5 , Ida Tigerspin
6 , Lacie Deepcraft
7 , Nebal Slayerspoke
8 , Nilys Shallowcaller
9 , Taj Clamphub
10 , Tisa Candlepuddle
11 , Friedrick Threecraft
12 , Gazz Cackleaxel
13 , Goban Rusttock
14 , Kixwell Dancertool
15 , Modwood Cogspark
16 , Nygel Shiftdyne
17 , Roderic Wavewrench
18 , Togmore Fourclip
19 , Toklen Fargulley
20 , Upstan Bearlicker


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