This list gives you some example content from the upcoming generators “Sci-Fi Academy Class Names” (Both quick and extended versions) – These are the names of classes that might be found in any sci-fi or modern world that has a focus on science – They might not be commonly found, that miht be very odd, or even seem contradictory, but if you learn something from it, then does it having a weird name hurt?

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[tablelist caption=”” width=”500″ colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”left|left”]

D20,Class Name
1 , Casual Agrometeorology
2 , Cerebral Sovietology
3 , Collateral Ephemeral Phantasmology
4 , Consequential Fungology
5 , Doable Calculating Ktenology
6 , Doubtful Agrobiology
7 , Empathetic Gerocomy
8 , Excellent Metagrobology
9 , Instructed Assumed Fornicology
10 , Lost Contingent Lexigraphy
11 , Perfect Incongruous Trolleyology
12 , Problematical Factual Sovietology
13 , Pure Terminology
14 , Reformist Psychopathology
15 , Seasonal Zootaxy
16 , Speculative Dosiology
17 , Superficial Micropaleontology
18 , Unbigoted Liberal Hydrogeology
19 , Unreal Pragmatic Placentology
20 , Xeno Spatial Urogynecology


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