Chekchek, god of chaos, chance and luck

“Take a chance, roll the dice….whats the worst that could happen?”

-Common phrase said by those who follow/worship Chekchek

 Chekchek (sometimes spelled Checkcheck) is the god of luck, chance and chaos in all its forms. Many of their followers argue that true neutrality comes from being all things at once. Others believe that the nature of chaos and chance is something that is required for the universe to even function. It comes as a surprise that the god you would expect to be the most “evil” is quite good….in their own way…but you may not enjoy their methods of doing you a good deed. 

Early Life

 As with many others of the 2nd generation of deities, not a lot is known about their early life , apart from that which Chekchek chose to reveal to his followers. Or is it her? or their followers? Chekchek, although generally thought of as masculine, is , as befitting a god of chance, variable. They have several backgrounds and depending on who you speak to were :


  1. A female dwarf artificer
  2. A male gnome cleric
  3. A NB human wizard
  4. An androgynous elven warlock
  5. A male Minotaur druid
  6. A changeling (gender unknown) bard

Various scrying spells and such like have been attempted to ascertain the truth. There is a hypothesis that Chekchek may in fact be a combination of various people, merged together – this is the most popular idea and Chekchek seems to approve of it. A few have suggested this to him(them?) directly. Chekchek has confirmed that all the serious ideas are true, in their own way. A few suspect this is the objective truth, but a few more suspect it is just Chekchek doing what they do best…sowing chaos.  

Ascension to divinity

 Despite the many origin stories of Chekchek, they all have one common theme – The Godshard that helped them ascended was won in some game of chance – Some say it was dice, others a form of cards and yet another was the prize from a form of turtle fighting. Other ascension methods of Chekchek include:

  1. Stealing the shard from the previous god of chance
  2. Finding it at the bottom of a well
  3. Literally falling on their head
  4. Being chosen by “cosmic chance”
  5. Offering to “dispose” of it and running away with the item, giggling like a small child with a cookie
  6. Buying it in a job-lot when someone sold a house at auction and didn’t think the “useless” item was worth anything


The god of chaos is Neutral?

 This comes as a great surprise to many that the deity of luck and chaos, is in fact a neutral agent in things. When the various deities were organizing the pantheons, there was an argument, put forward by Chekchek that true chaos encompasses all. In fact, its a lot simpler than that. Chekchek could not decide if they would be a “neutral” god of Chaos or a truly Chaotic one. So they rolled a dice to decide. Others have also pointed out that luck, chance and , ultimately, chaos, which falls under Chekcheks domain, can be bring both good or positive results. Plus it amuses the clerics greatly as people try to work out why in a set of pantheons divided along the law-neutral-chaos lines, the god of “Chaos” is neutral. This especially annoys clerics of Ediuan– Law & Order/Justice, honour , who with their almost obsession with laws and rules find Chekchek to be, to put it nicely, insufferable.

Divine Domains

  • Chaos
  • Chance
  • Luck (good and bad)
  • Donots – This is one of those “we dont know why they have domain over donuts, they just do” type of things

Holy Books & Codes

Chekchek is one of the few gods thats doesn’t have a holy book . They do have a simple code – Tease, torment, drive them mad. But killing is something to be avoided as much as possible. Accidents may happen, but outright murder is one of the few things that Chekchek is unchangeable with.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Anything connected to luck or chance is considered a symbol of Chekchek, but the favored items seems to be cards with dice and donuts on them.

Tenets of Faith

The tenets of faith are quite changeable – Many of the followers of Chekchek have a list of some-kind that determines how they will behave on a certain day/circumstances. Some just roll a dice to make decisions, or flip a coin and so on. However, there are a few rules that all stick to: 

  • No deliberate killing – Death , is for most people, an unchanging event – stagnation. This is one of the few things Checkchek will actively work against and encourages their followers to not kill
  • The only true “law” of creation is chance/luck/chaos etc
  • You can be “good”, “neutral”or “evil” , but being predictable is boring frowned on.
  • Only target adults and those who are fully capable of understanding their situation – The common saying goes that Chekchek may be a annoying god, but is not malicious. Its not funny, nor clever.
  • Bringing torment to those who “deserve” it

The last two tenet have gone a long way of helping the image of Chekchek and their religion – Their clerics have a reputation for being annoying and troublesome, but you know they wont go after people with disabilities. Some call them “agents of cosmic balance” – They reward good deeds and punish bad ones…sometimes….


The main holiday of Chekchek is in the month named after them – Month 8. Believed to be a day on which you can perform rituals and games of chance to change your luck for the next year.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To spread chaos and to make life “interesting” for people without killing them. Death is boring. Death is stagnant and , for the most part, unchangeable.


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