And lo, did the Wednesday come forth, and with it did bring the weekly update!



Deities and Pantheons – Names and Domains – Which came out last week is now copper rated!

The next two planned PDFs are related to each other so will be talking about them as one item – You’ll see why.

“Quick Generator – SciFi Academy Class Names” gives you 2 x d100 tables to generate a name for a science-fiction or modern themed academy or place of learning. It has a descriptor tables, that covers terms like;

  • advanced
  • beginer
  • remedial

and a second table that gives classes/subjects

  • Biology
  • Geology
  • Quantum Mechanics

and so on. This gives you 100 x 100 , or 10,000, possible combinations.

In the process of research/making this i noted that there was a lot more that could go into it, like a crazy amount more

like 1,200+ possible subjects and over 400 possible descriptors.

So thats what the next two PDFS will be  – essentialy the same , but one being “Quick” (2 x d100 tables) and the next being expanded – much the same thing I did with the old techno-babble generator

I worked out the possible number of combinations there could be in the expanded version…now hold onto your butts, there gonna be some numbers here

  • Base # of combination : 400 * 1200 = 480,000
  • Using one extra , non repeating descriptor : 400 * 399 * 1200 = 191,520,000
  • Using two extra , non repeating descriptors : 400 * 399 * 398 * 1200 = 76,224,960,000

Yes, you reading that right… 76 BILLION possible combinations!

Now some of them will not make sense and the difference will be subtle for others, but honestly, that’s kind of the point.


World Anvil

Last weeks article covered Ediuan, the keeper of laws and justice. Many say she is not a “good” deity, but to her, there is only one true “goodness” and that is the law and evil comes from chaos.

Having a goal for the articles is defiantly helping – Once the gods are done I shall turn my attention to the great-house nations that have not been covered.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page




  • M – BL3 – Finally got to meet up with one of my fav characters in the BL series – Tiny Tina! – although technically just tina now as she gorwn up, but still as bonkers and adorable as ever!
  • T – STO – Had another TFO day – making some good progress on the fleet holdings
  • W – GW 2 – Think I got another 2, maybe three chapters of the LW before I hit path of fire proper – I want to have the ley-line gliding donw by then – I think its very possible
  • T – LOTRO – May not seem it, I have made some real behind the scenes progress.
  • F – SDV – Year two is defiantly the “Year we make the $$$!” – Year three will be “Get the farm pimped”

Twitch – Main

ESO will return once BL is done – have fully converted my old main Bob into a crafting character so he can 100% focus on making and selling stuff


Other Stuff

Behind the scenes – Have been going through the various MMOs i play and planning things, organizing, getting my plans ready and so on, This si something that will not be shown on stream (too boring and fiddly to fully explain) but it means I will know what character has what item, can make certain items and so on.  With covid-19 stressing a lot of people out, myself included, I find doing this calming and relaxing. It might be related to the ASD, it might not. But at the end of the day it will help me and the streams.


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