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There have been some changes to the site, as I said there would be!

Some of the changes and additions are placeholders or “empty” for now. There were some blank pages I was having issues with before, but this is not the same issue, the new ones are blank because I’ve not added anything there yet but made the page ready for content – I just wasn’t sure WHEN the content was going to be added.

  1. The Gen tab now has a listing/map that covers the free-to-use gens, as the drop-down list was good, but I quickly realised would become fiddly and unusable as time went on.
  2. The PDFs/tools have a similar feature now, but cover categories rather than individual pages.
  3. New page – HTML Gens: I’ve added a new style of product, HTML/downloadable generators. These are like mini-programs that work in the browser. At the moment there are just two items listed, but, like the PDFs, as time goes on, adding new so-called “child pages” is easy and the main list, like I have Gens and PDFs, will auto-update!
  4. New page – Combos: Combos are a combination of a PDF & the appropriate HTML-gen made from it. Like the PDF and HTML-gen pages, this page only has 2 there right now and will have child-pages as and when it needs to happen. The HTML gens and combos will come out on an “as and when” I can, but normally between other releases when they do.
  5. New page – Tools:  These will be , like the gens, free to use, for the most part. There *may* come a point where some tools will need to be paid for, but, if or when that happens , they will be clearly marked or indicated in some way.
  6. New page – World Anvil: World Anvil has changed a lot/improved since I first started making my homebrew world. To the point that the old version, which can be read/accessed from a link on the first page of the WA collection.  As such I’m going to revamp things, tweaking, making more use of the new tutorials and so on. Be awar that the links on there will probably be affiliate links as I’m part of their affiliate program. World Anvil Wednesday (yes I like the alliteration)
  7. New Page – Sitemap: This can be thought of as a contents page for the entire site – If you are trying to find a page but can’t remember what its parent page is, then you can search here. A warning, this shows ALL active page lists and links to them at once.
  8. New Page – Newsletter: I’ve set up a weekly newsletter which, to start with, is a weekly roundup of the week’s posts. As time goes by I’ll be using that for sending out the discount codes, news etc. At the moment, there is a sign-up gift of a free PDF. This will change every so often. There is a series of “follow-up” emails, spaced every 48 hours that go over Ennead Games, myself, what you can find here, online stores and so on.

More pages/sections are coming…maybe…

  1. Post collections – Works similiar to the post archive, but will be focused on the various post types, like lists etc
  2. Tiles – Patreons *cough*goherenowandsignupforfree*cough* are getting samples of the update simple dungeon tile set i’m working on, with paid patreeons getting the full versions each week on what i’m refering to internally as “Tile Thursday”
  3. Public Testing – This may not happen quickly, but if so it will be a page that won’t be featured on the header, but be active. It’ll feature things I’m working on, tesing, trying to find out any bugs and so forth.  Visitors to the site will be welcome, encouraged even, to test these, but with the caveat that there is a high probably of issues, errors, crashes, etc occuring , as “use at your own risk” situation
  4. YT archive – I’ve started, well, restarted, the Youtube channel once again to act as, to begin with, an archive of my streams. These will be uploaded a week or so after they have been broadcast on twitch, generaly in batches. To start, will be “raw” stream footage, no edits, so all my mistakes will be there in their full glory! Getting an editor *may* happen in the future, As when I tried it i found i got frustrated with it – This is a a me issue to be fair.

As I mentioned before, things may seem like I’m bouncing from one project to another – I kind of am, BUT, there is a logic and plan to it…honest!


For a last point : Something I’ve mentioned times before is my health issues , mental and phsycial, can cause me issues at times. Last week I had a bad “blip” and want to thank all those who reached out etc.  I won’t go into details on it here , as thats not what the focus of this post is about, but felt I had to say it.


In the mean time, I got a lot of work to do!





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