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I mentioned last week that I’m taking this chance to update and rebuild my Easthalen World Anvil (WA) page. A lot has changed from when I started doing it a few years ago, both for WA and my homebrew game.

The old version, which I will be referencing from time to time can still be read but is now in what I’m calling archive mode. It is there so folks and I can see what it was like before and the changes, improvements and so on. There is a different background image for the new version compared to the older one so to help reduce myself and others from using the older one by mistake!

And so, as it’s the first bit people will see, onto the intro or home page.

What do you do when you live in a prison designed to contain a god?

This is the situation that the inhabitants of Easthalen find themselves in.

The “world” of Easthalen can be described more as part of a continent, an area enclosed by a powerful Great Barrier, sometimes called the World Barrier, the last line of defence to protect the universe should the god Halen, an entity forced to sleep by the combined might of other deities, awaken and resume their plans for rebuilding the universe.

Within Easthalen (“the eastern part of the Halenic continent”) itself, millions of souls call it home, each with their own goals, dreams and desires. Combat still occurs between individuals and small groups, but a magically enforced “peace” prevents all-out war between the nation-houses…for now..

The creation of the World Barrier had several other, unplanned effects. Probably the most important was magical energy started to build up, allowing almost all the population to be able to cast spells of some description with only those trained in the arcane arts able to cast a spell without any side-effects. For those that try a spell beyond their skills, the result can be devestating.

Travel beyond the Great Barrier is almost impossible – The stronger you are the more it pushes back, using your own power against you.

But as some are finding out, it appears as if they barrier effects are starting to weaken, leading some to ponder…

What happens when the Dreaming One awakens?



Easthalen – My homebrew campaign world

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