For a while I’ve had “blank” pages for certain gen and pdf category pages – I say “blank” because they were visible on the editing/writing side but for some reason not showing up properly on the public-facing side.

Hopefully, that’s now been fixed and pages should be showing their content again.

I *suspect* it was a plugin issue, but have switched to a new one that, for now at least, does what I’ve been wanting it to do. Plus, added bonus, if i add new child pages/sub-catagories the lists that show this should automatically update…i hope…

I’ve also added a new “tools” page which will house the new tools I’m making, like the world-building prompts questions and more to come.

Now this issue has been fixed (hopefully won’t have to touch it again for a long time, if ever) I can now resume moving the older style gens over to the new format.


reposting this to test something

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