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Many years ago, I started using World Anvil to help keep track of my campaign world for my homebrew game. Many things have changed in Eatshalen, World Anvil and myself.

Originally I used WA as a repository, adding things as I went and not really, if I’m honest, planning things out and fully utilising the service.

So, starting next week on World Building Wednesday, I’m going to be remaking, or rebuilding should be a more accurate term and adding to it. I mentioned before how I wanted to restart things and take advantage of the new features that have been added, new tutorials and so forth.

The old version isn’t going anywhere – That is still available via a link below (or on the placeholder home page).


The “plan”, with the usual caveats about health etc, can be divided into three parts:

  1. Aiming to do/high up on the to-do list
  2. Would like to do, but cost time/money
  3. Would like to do, but currently not sure how – This is a catch-all really for everything else, for things that I know or suspect can be done but not sure, or need to check if they can be done at all etc etc.


Things I’ll be aiming to do & high on the to-do list:

  • Set up an RSS feed to keep an archive of the new posts etc I have on the site, along with structure and so forth and post to Fedica (my social media post manager) when new posts and features I’ve added
  • Be more organised and “logical”.
  • Revamp the calendar/history and add more to it over time…pun intended
  • Try to integrate more of my homebrew content, generators and so forth – This is part of my unifying plan and why I may seem to have been all over the place recently with projects, I’m laying the necessary groundwork to link as much as my work and projects together as possible, yet still keep them in a format where you don’t NEED access to everything, but more enhance things if you do.
  • Use existing tools I have to remake/re-do a lot of things then add more to the world – afterall it’s one of the reasons I made them in the first place!


Things I’d like to do but admit they will take time/money:

  • Get the world map revamped and enhanced, using the original one I have as a base – I have a map progrom i’ve seen that is perfect for what i need – hopefully more on this later at some point later
  • Get some official artwork done for the header, characters etc – absolutely NO AI art…unless I get hoodwinked etc, but I hope to flip that doesn’t happen.
  • Have official stat blocks for characters, spells, creatures etc – starting with 5e (as it is the one am most familiar with) but am 100% looking into other systems as well, such as Cypher


Things I’d like to do but right now not sure how of if can be done:

  • Patreon Link things, maybe early access, to new pages etc – not sure if this is possible but is on the “looking into it” pile
  • Discord intregration/links
  • Embeding my own free generators on various appropriate pages
  • Try to get the World Anvil tab/category for blogsite (see new option on header menu) to automatically categories things as and when I post them – This *may* not be added as I’m not sure right now how to do it, but, will look into it – even if I have to use a plugin for wordess to make links for post with certain tags, like EH2 or world anvil etc.


So yes, its exciting and busy times ahead for me and yes, will be also be “all over the place” project wise, but it should start to come toegther and be all nicely linked, organised whatever you want to call it.


Easthalen – My homebrew campaign world

Easthalen (old version)

Want to know more about World Anvil? (Affiliate Link)

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