Last week, on a whim I decided to create a Spotify playlist. The idea behind this list os music that is suitable for, inspired by or in some way, even if only by a tiny amount, related to the Damocles game or its characters and players. The list has music that, sadly, I can’t play on a stream (for obvious reasons). You can find the playlist below and I’ll be adding to it when needed.

For the most part, these tunes should be self-explanatory why there were included, the DS9 theme, Generations overture and so on. A few may seem, well odd, but a short explanation should shed some light on these picks. Some are based on previous events, others are clues to future plots, some are character related and so on.


Magic Carpet Ride

Where things might start to get, well, interesting is from “Magic Carpet Ride” onwards.

If you have ever seen “First Contact” you should get why this tune is included. It was orginally going to be, in my head, the “theme” for Damocles..but really, there is only one choice for that….


Star Trekkin’

This one perfectly sums up the crew and how the games goes – “Bodly going forwards, still cant find reverse…”


Power Ranger Lightspeed Rescue

Like many a nerd and geek and rather enjoy the sillyness that comes with the PW franchise. LSR was almost the concept i had for the STA games, but was eventualy dropped. However the tune still , sort-of applies with the “lightspeed” and “rescue” thing


God Gave Rock and Roll to You

Another Candidate for possible theme tune in my head. The intro for me is what i imagined would be playing when the Damocles was first revealed, panning along her hull and showing off the ship in all her glory.


Imperial March

This is is 100% without a doubt the tune that goes on in my mind when dealing with the Mirror Universe crew, especially Mirror-Davrin coming on the bridge of the Khans Wrath



Suggested by Andreas, who plays Tyraa, this tune can be considered to be the background for the Bendrazzi.


Wonder Woman Theme

A good tune that was suggested for Tyraa, the resident Andorian security officer of the Damocles



As Archangel was/is Archies original name, there was no hesitation for this one to be included.


Mind Palace and Solution

Suggested by Hanno as Tolek’s Theme. Appropriate for a Vulcan.


Danger Zone

In one episode, the Damocles acquired a Slipstream drive which, for brief periods allows it to hit speeds beyond anything it normally could achieve. This puts a major strain on the ship though so is only used when 100% required. This tune i felt was the perfect fit for the episode, especially when a now-infamous manoeuvre, “Andorian Drift” was 100% successful.


Into the Great Unknown

Suggested by Rossas Davin’s theme. The name only perfectly suggests Davrins outlook and the same for most of Starfleet


Mind Heist

This one is related to an upcoming episode.  Something happens that requires the crew to “go into the mind” of one of their own…


Main Title (Stargate)

This is another one that was a possible condiate for a theme, as yet another conecpt i had was for the game to have a Stargate vibe to things. But considering what the crew found in the last episode, namely an Iconia Gateway deep in the Gamma Quadrant, it felt right to inldude it here.


The Fleets Arrive


As this is related to a major plot point coming up later on, all I can say about this track is [redacted by Starfleet Intelligence and the Department of Temporal Investigations]




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