This weeks generator is the super hero costume generator, based on the details found in “Superhero Kit Part 2 – Costume“. A sample output can be found below.

Hero Costume
Dominant Colour Brown
Secondary Colour Orange
Logo type Circles (overlapping or separate) located left arm
Accessories Glasses/Monocles
Adornments Arcane Text
Arms Plastic – Transparent covering all of the limb
Legs Hide covering lower and joint
Belts Metal (non-chain)
Boots Boot – long (up to thigh)
Cape No Cape/backpack/etc.
Torso Fur – fake
Gloves Woollen
Hat/Helmet Ushanka/Ear Hat
Mask (type) Clown-like (Eyes/nose and cheeks)
Shoulders Flared
Special Properties Self-Repairing

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