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I’m trying to get in the habit of doing these once a month, not on any particular day.

Something I’ve been doing semi-regular on social media is posting my agenda/to-do for the day, as I’ve found it lets people know about the day’s stream and helps me to plan out what I’m going to be focusing on that day. I don’t always get the tasks done, due to life being what it is, but at least I have something to guide me, and that, in a similar way, is what this monthly post is about – a set of goals for the next month or so, with the caveat that these are, well, more like guidelines…

So, with that, on to the April update!


  • Discord – Discord is 95% set up as I want it to be, maybe a few minor tweaks here and there, but is essentially done. I don’t plan on any radical changes to it, but maybe some extra channels or roles here and there.
  • Streaming – The new streaming schedule is underway, with a different game each day (Monday thru to Friday), as these are games , for the most part,  that can be done at a slow pace and when expansions come out can be moved around a bit, put on a temp hold so I can focus on the new expansions etc (ESO and FF14 especially with new expac for both games coming out a few months).
  • Streaming 2 – I’m very happy with the way I’ve set up the screenshots for each game to act as camera background, stream loading screens etc. Something I do need to do, and will admit its low on the priority list, is to re-do the bot/commands BTS stream stuff. Trying to find some more, interactive things, like using channel points for automatic streamloot cards, crowd control and so on. Low priority, but is something I’m thinking about.
  • Online Gens – Will be starting to add new online gens back again soon, hopefully, next week – I’m looking into a new process or possible new format for the gens, BUT, the main thing is I need to speed up and change my process so it’s not so ..well…fiddly when making them.  The last thing I want to do is have to re-make all the gens I have AGAIN though…
  • Online Catalogue – This is a bit easier to do with Itch.io widgets, I just have to get around to doing it. The hardest part is laying out the pages, links between them etc. This is what the bottleneck is, as DTRPG has a new site now and I generally want things, category-wise, to match up as much as possible. Once things have settled down there, THEN, I can make categories and use the same headers for both there and my site, to provide a more uniform or recognisable look to both places.
  • Print on Demand – As a “side project”, I’m working on a new format/template in Affinity to make POD easier for myself in the future – As with anything, it takes time, not helped by my changing my mind and not being happy with how it is and starting again – The pursuit of perfection can be the enemy of progress! POD can be a lot more exacting than regular PDFs, but using the older one I made as a starting point is helping.
  • Behind the scenes – Having recently got some commercially allowed artwork via Patreon and DTRPG, as with other things I’m having to sort this out. I some some amazing maps by both Tom Caros and Dyson, which will serve as focal points for various “Content Packs”, such as dungeons, settlements and other things. Plus some great art elements from Catarina E. and Silverglass Art/Sophie that need to be sorted out/organised and you’ll probably be seeing more of in future projects.
  • BTS 2 – Having base line templates to work from is helping to speed up things for me a lot. I’m not having to think about the layout each time, it adds a uniform or “brand look” to things and so on. This includes tables as well, as some of you may have noticed the last few Quick Gens havng a new introduction format with table that shows of things quite well imo. This alos includes the tables themselves, with for me, new formats for the variosu tables like a dueal dice roll column (d20 and d100 for example), plus I found a very helpful article about dice roll tables for  non-standard rolls like a d60 table that can get result from 1d6 * 1d10.
  • Promoting/Advertisements – Now don’t panic, I wont be adding adverts to this site, this is more with promoting/adverts about or for me. As a creative type, one thing many of us struggle with is self-promotion. At the moment I have a semi-scheduled thing that posts on various social media, but I need to expand both that and other things without going down the same route that so many I see do (looking at you YT etc). This is probably going to be the hardest part for me ironcically, but gtt9ing this idea  out into the open will help with planting the seed of the idea in my brain and will be thinking on it whenever I can. The last thing I want to do is be one of those type who spams their stuff everywhere.


As always, my fluctuating health, mental and physical, will decide just how much I can do on a given day, so this is more a “What I hope to get done” list rather than “If i dont get this done this month then ragnarok will descend apon us” type to-do list. A lot of this work is me trying to makes things easier for future-me so I can focus on the important stuff, like the actual items/product/content. This is the downside to “wearing many hats” when doing this, the flip being is i have, in effect,  total control over things.

Until next time!



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