Corporate I.T. Babble Generator

Babble Generators, which are the type of generators that output phrases and terms that sound like they could be really used, are my favourite types of a generator to make. The Technobabble one, inspired by a certain trekking show in the stars, helped to solidify things for me as a designer/publisher. The Corporate I.T. Babble Generator (CIBG) comes from having worked in offices with an IT department and doing some minor work in them. The ones in charge, sometimes, REALLY loved to sound off on words and terms that ultimately were gibberish and made no sense or were contradictory.  Many years later, that expereince, along with some help from others, went into the content of this PDF.

Along with the “corporate babble” I have been told that some of what this outputs can be a little too…real…at times >.<


As of the time of posting, CIBG has a “Copper” rating on DTRPG, putting it in the top 16736 products (13.51%).

Corporate I.T. Babble Generator

Babble suitable for the IT side of the corporate world

Corporations seem to have a love/hate relationship with their IT (Information Technology) departments. On the one hand, they rely on them to function, but on the other treat them with borderline contempt. This is not helped by the ones in charge often not seeming to grasp the concepts that they are suggesting are sometimes not doable within the time frame they request..

Then comes the buzzwords, the phrases that sound good, but mean, ultimately, nonsense. Sometimes they are legitimate, but too many times those on the front lines have to implement what is essentially gibberish.

From new and “innovative” ideas/concepts to various names for the IT departments, this babble generator gives you the sort of nonsense you would expect to come from the leaders who have no real grasp of technology but once read a phrase somewhere and now insist on it being the hot new thing, only to forget about it when the next week comes along.

With over 1,000,000 possible combinations (if all options used), some might just resemble real-life…

Example Outputs include:

  • Buzzwords/Terms
    • Consolidated Cluster
    • Dynamic Signature Research
    • Uniform Captcha Authentication
  • Department/Team Names
    • Proprietary Intelligence List Consultants
    • Advanced Signature Connectivity Officials
    • B2B Intelligence Troubleshooting Delegates
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