Quick Generator Curse/Evil Spell Names

Quick Generator Curse/Evil Spell Names

What spell do you use to to bring down your wrath upon them?


Some spells are created to help, to protect others, to heal them or give them a benefit or bonus of some kind. Then, there are the spells and incantations whose only purpose is to cause suffering, pain and misery..even death.

Their name might be telling you what it does, or be a poetic way of describing the effect. Sometimes even just the name of the spell or curse alone is enough to instil fear in the enemies of the caster.

This Quick Generator gives you a system for creating the names or concepts of spells/curses that are meant to hurt, hinder, or otherwise cause pain and suffering to the target(s). Using the 2 x d100 tables provided, you can generate 10,000 possible evil spells or curse names.

Example Output:

  • The Lamentation Delirium
  • The Misfortune Ruiniation
  • The Clamity of the Banshee


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