Space Fleet Namer

Space Fleet Namer

Onward, to the stars…

Like their more terrestrial counterparts, space-based fleets can have many names and titles. Some can be practical and tell you what their main task is, others can be a more informal title, almost like a nickname given by those who encounter it, with yet other titles being designed to show off, to strike fear to be imposing, to show you that the fleet that just dropped out of hyperspace around your homeworld is NOT to be messed with…

This PDF gives you 4 tables (with 100, 200, 25 and 50 entries) , which, when combined as per the instructions can give you more than 25,000,000 possible combinations of names, ideas or concepts for your space based fleet of ships.

Example outputs include…

  • Joint Solar Fleet
  • Blessed Exalted Cosmic Flock
  • Third Astral Expedition
  • United Inferno Navy
  • Jovian Onyx Vanguard


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