Helpful List 1K Series Fantasy Genre Names

The Helpful List series is designed to give you, as the name suggests, a list of various things that you might mind helpful. They all follow the same basic format of at least 1d100 table, sometimes more depending on the nature of the subject.

The 1k series takes this a step further, with 10 1d100 tables themed around a certain subject broken down into their own tables of 1d100 each.

This particular Helpful list series covers the co-called classical fantasy genre race of dwarfs, elf, gnomes and halfling, with Old English being used to represent the stereotypical “Medieval” humans

The names listed herein not in the species or cultures natural language, but have been translated into the common tongue for ease of use.

The tables cover…

  • Dwarf (f and m)
  • Elf (f and m)
  • Gnome (f and m)
  • Halfling (f and m)
  • With Old English being used to represent so-called “medieval” humans (f and m)

A 1k sub-series is planed to cover the rich and diverse real-world languages and cultures

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