This week’s list brings you a preview of what is coming out next week and is the 2nd item in what I’ve dubbed the Corporate Collection. This one gives you the Slogan! Every corporation seems to have one, normally trite, something catchy and can be taken multiple ways with various interpretations.

Disagree with this list? Think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this article.

[tablelist caption=”” width=”500″ colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”left|left”]

1 , Anticipate a worthier future
2 , Connecting for a better you
3 , Connecting for your welfare
4 , Creating the best things in life
5 , Developing a worthier world
6 , Engage for peace of mind
7 , Evolve for tomorrow’s life
8 , Expect an exceptional life
9 , Generate a magical future
10 , Grow your legacy
11 , Harness the best life has to offer
12 , Hope for a finer future
13 , Hope for an exceptional world
14 , It’s a superior tomorrow
15 , Let us take care of success
16 , Perfection for tomorrow’s world
17 , Safeguarding your precious things
18 , Seek out a finer future
19 , Think about tommrow…today
20 , Visualize a magical you


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