When a demonic being is nearby or has just been summoned, it is quite common for weird things to occur. Dogs bark at nothing, Cats hiss at empty rooms and so on. The list below gives you 20 such things that may occur when a demonic presence is nearby. The more powerful the being, the more pronounced the effect will be.

This list is an excerpt from an upcoming “Creature Description Generator” which gives details about various monsters and creatures and their abilities.

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1 , A monstrous dog is seen on the other side of doorways and windows
2 , Artificial lighting causes sunburns.
3 , Clocks and watches cease to mark time.
4 , Clocks and watches run backwards.
5 , Drugs lose all effects.
6 , Furniture rearranges itself when no one is looking.
7 , Glass cracks in strange patterns.
8 , Gravity reverses itself at random on occasion.
9 , Hot and cold sensations are reversed.
10 , Metal rusts and wood rots.
11 , Others have the feeling they are being watched.
12 , Random distant scenes can be seen on reflective surfaces.
13 , Scratches appear on doors + furniture and walls.
14 , Seeds sprout thorny twisted plants that grow incredibly fast.
15 , Shadows flicker and distort.
16 , Silhouettes of strange figures stalk the walls.
17 , Strong emotions cannot be described or expressed in words.
18 , Swirling winds full of sand.
19 , The taste of ashes in the mouths of others.
20 , Writing switches to a different language.



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