Insects are a curious thing. Many people dislike them, or are afraid of them, yet can understand they play a role in nature. Despite this, there are a few that many, many people seem to universally hate or consider to be horrible, due to their looks or what they do. They may be disruptive, disgusting or downright dangerous.

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D20,Hated Insect
1 , Asian Citrus Psyllid
2 , Assassin Bug
3 , Bed Bug
4 , Cockchafer
5 , Cockroach
6 , Deer Ked
7 , Earwig
8 , Flea
9 , Flies
10 , Flour Beetle
11 , Grasshopper
12 , Head Lice
13 , Horse Fly
14 , Love Bug
15 , Mosquito
16 , Nettle Caterpillar
17 , Silverfish
18 , Stink Bug
19 , Termite
20 , Wasp


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